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"Totally original music Sarah Gillespie is brilliant, the bee’s knees" - Robert Wyatt 


A beat poet adventurer who strays beyond the bounds of singer-songwriter. Mojo   


Streetwise and romantic, tender and tough. Daily Telegraph   


Gillespie’s second album is so strikingly fine that you wonder how you can have missed her first one Lovely, poetic. The Mail on Sunday   


From the title on, everything about this album proclaims a sharp intelligence. An album of infinite richness, Climate proves that idiosyncrasy isn’t dead yet. Manchester Evening News   


She’s an incandescent new presence who matches her imposing delivery with superior lyrics’ The Guardian

Haunting tunes and striking lyricsyearningly pretty and bitter sweet. The Independent   

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She’s a fiercely independent and radical singer and writer, eschewing the clichés of the “chick with a guitar” genre to deliver something far more poetic, political and visceral. Gillespie is a poet. The Jazz Mann  


Extraordinary lyrics The soul of a poet. Evening Standard


Lyrical grit And beautifully controlled associative word strings all delivered with her distinctive vocal mixture of dark romanticism and punkish attitude. Metro


There’s real pleasure and wit in her wordplay Atzmon's perfectly placed lines wind and weave between her delicate finger picking guitar A bracing blast of freshly spun music, from an emerging artist who has something to say and says it with a real wild beauty. Bass Guitar Magazine


Stunning..and compelling, Gillespie enthralled a near capacity audience at the first Jazzsteps gig of 2011. Her exchanges with fellow front-liner multi-instrumentalist Gilad Atzmon were at times hilarious and explosive. Nottingham Evening Post 


Gillespie's performance is outstanding, vivacious and forceful. The Dorset News


Musically Sarah Gillespie’s sound is a melting-pot of urban-folk and middle-eastern blues. Her lyrically driven songs are conveyed with a powerfully sensuous voice and deft finger-picking guitar. With her distinctive delivery, Gillespie is a passionate and formidable storyteller – wrestling with the toils of life, love and yearning in a style that blends everyday banter with raw poetry.  


Bursting with character, her voice is strong and provocative, yet at the same time full of vulnerability - and it is this that makes her such a compelling performer. She creates a mix of emotive ballads, raucous gypsy swing, blues and vaudeville - not to mention some wild Arabic-infused flourishes courtesy of Israeli-born Gilad Atzmon. However, within all of this, the influences of Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and the Velvet Underground can clearly be heard. Her dynamic band not only includes the album’s producer Gilad Atzmon on accordion, clarinet and sax, but also features renowned jazz drummer and percussionist Enzo Zirilli, with Ben Bastin on double bass,


Sarah Gillespie predominantly grew up in the UK, although as her mother was from Minneapolis, her childhood was peppered with trips to the States. With an eclectic set of musical influences, she began writing songs on the piano at the age of nine, graduating to guitar at fifteen. Her first gig came about three years later in Madison, Wisconsin. Snow-stranded and happily drunk (thanks to a fake ID that later landed her in jail) after a Bob Dylan gig, she bumped into members of Dylan's support band, Over the Rhine, who invited her to open for them at sold-out shows in Cincinnati. Upon returning home to London, she turned her attention to academia, gaining a first class degree in film and literature and a Masters in politics and philosophy from Goldsmiths.